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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Mental health disorders are more common than heart disease and cancers combined. The stigma surrounding mental illness often prevents people from seeking treatment, and those that do want help are not sure where to turn.

What is Mental Health First Aid?


It is evidence-based training that is designed to give ordinary people the skills to help someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis or intervene early to prevent a crisis from occurring. It is a hands-on interactive training where the participants will learn to recognize the symptoms of mental health, how to intervene and connect others to the appropriate professional, peer or self-help care.


The 8-hour course covers a range of common disorders and potential crises such as helping someone who is having a panic attack, contemplating suicide or struggling with substance abuse.


Who should take this Mental Health First Aid course?


This course is beneficial for healthcare workers, law enforcement, probation, court officers & staff, first responders, teachers, social service workers, and any member of the community.

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