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ChangePoint Integrated Health is about linking together a number of community resources as well as a wide variety of support services to achieve our mission. ChangePoint has a number of ancillary support services in order to fully serve our clients. The many additional support services include but are not limited to:


Case Management: Case managers help to support our clients by acting as their personal guide. They help individuals and families navigate their way through the behavioral health system and help connect them to beneficial resources. They work closely with the assigned clinician and the client as an additional support mechanism.


Vocational Rehabilitation: ChangePoint understands the importance of getting people back to work. For those clients that qualify. ChangePoint has a dedicated team to help them accomplish their career or educational goals. The Vocational Rehab team can help clients get back to school, learn interviewing skills, write a great resume and many other required resources to secure employment and achieve long-term success.


Vision Center: The ChangePoint vision center is a place that clients can come at any time during normal business hours to use a computer, watch TV, talk with a case manager or just simply relax. It is a place that ChangePoint wanted to make as a safe haven for clients to come anytime they need it.


Transportation:  Transportation is a big barrier at times in our community. As a recipient of 5310 grant funds from the Arizona Department of Transportation. ChangePoint is able to provide transportation to those clients that are identified as having a need for transportation. Our drivers pick them up and take them to the required location to receive services. We never want transportation to be a reason that someone does not come in for the help and support they need.

Peer Support: ChangePoint peer support is about providing additional support to our clients from someone who has been there. The peer support team is made up of individuals who have been there themselves and understand how to navigate the behavioral health system and the various resources in the community. They can assist with things such as how to better speak with your physician or clinician or can help connect you with various resources within the community. What’s unique about them, is that they have walked in your shoes and can relate to what you’re going through.


Health Coaches: Health Coaches are focused on the promotion of overall health for our clients. They hold various groups for those living with chronic diseases, to promote exercise, nutrition and much more. They are focused on helping clients succeed and find ways to be healthier. Health Coaches also act as a liaison between behavioral health services and medical services. They can help assist with communication with your physician and they coordinate Integrated Health clinic appointments

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