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No Surprise Billing

Arizona law requires certain licensed health care facilities and licensed health care providers to make the direct pay prices for a certain specified number of their most commonly used codes (facilities) or most commonly provided services (providers) available.  

Accordingly, ChangePoint Integrated Health offers both an out-of-pocket prices of common procedures:


You may find this information of particular interest if you:

  • Are uninsured

  • Are enrolled in a health insurance plan that is not contracted with TMC Health

  • Intend to pay directly for your health care services at ChangePoint Integrated Health


For specific information about the amount you will owe for the services you receive, please contact us at (928) 537-5315 ext. 4501, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

No Surprises Act

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has instituted regulations to protect patients from surprise medical bills. More details on the No Surprises Act can be found at The No Surprises Act protects patients with insurance through an employer, individual health plan or Health Insurance Marketplace from balance billing for designated services. Details of these balance billing protections can be found in this CMS Disclosure (PDF). Patients with no insurance will be provided a good-faith estimate for pre-scheduled appointments.

For consumers who don’t have insurance, these rules make sure they’ll know how much their health care will cost before they get it, and might help them if they get a bill that’s larger than expected.   


The rules don’t apply to people with coverage through programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Indian Health Services, Veterans Affairs Health Care, or TRICARE because these programs have other protections against high medical bills.


No Surprises Act Disclosure


No Surprises Act Uninsured/Self-pay Good Faith Estimate Notice



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