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Our Mission

 To Inspire Change, Empower Individuals and Improve Lives in Our Community.


We Inspire Change
Inspiration comes in many forms but the goal of ChangePoint is to provide an environment and staff that is able to inspire others to grow and succeed.


We Empower Individuals
ChangePoint provides a wide array of services to help individuals and families in our community succeed. Our team focuses on empowering those we serve by providing them with the critical skills and tools to achieve lifelong success.  This may include equipping our clients with career development skills, living healthier lifestyles, enhancing their life skills, achieving educational goals, or relationship building and socialization skills.


We Improve Lives In Our Community
ChangePoint is a starting place for personal growth and improvement. We change lives by helping others enhance their life and relationship skills, achieve educational and employment goals, achieve self-sufficiency and find meaningful success in all that they do.


Our History

 ChangePoint Integrated Health has been serving Navajo County with quality behavioral health services since 1966 and is a vital asset to the community.  ChangePoint has seen much growth in its 55+ years of existence but has remained committed to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. The demand for services in our rural community has led the organization to continue to grow and adapt by expanding various programs and services in the area. ChangePoint’s roots were in counseling services but the organization has grown into so much more by expanding into new areas such as housing, psychiatry and so much more. ChangePoint is committed to continually expanding its offerings and bringing the many needed services to our rural community.

Our Impact to the Community

ChangePoint Integrated Health provides services to thousands of individuals each year. 


  • Provide services for over 6,000 individuals annually

  • Provide over 150,000 appointments and services annually

  • Offer 34 housing units that provide over 12,000 nights of housing annually

  • 16 bed inpatient psychiatric hospital provides over 5,000 bed stays each year

  • Provide over 50,000 transports annually

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